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Billo and the Short Bus!
Welcome to VW Short Bus!
It's a '66 split with safari's front & rear,
pop-out's everywhere else and, oh yeah...
  it's just a little bit different!
 VW Short Bus Front Door...
VW Short Bus
itibiti smart car My VW Short Bus...The Story! itibiti smart car
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tSB in AutoWeek?
tSB in Air Monkey?
AutoWeek, September 3, 2012, page 31...
The Short Bus was in AutoWeek Magazine!! TWICE!! Look here!!
Air Monkeys Magazine Issue 7... Air Monkeys Magazine Issue 7... Air Monkeys Magazine Issue 7...
The Short Bus was featured in Air Monkey Magazine!! Look here!!

Short Bus Stuff
Michigan Car Shows & Events... The Story of the Short Bus! A list of all Short Bus upgrades...
Car Shows
& Events
The VW Short
Bus Story
All Short Bus
the Short Bus Cyclops Light... Complete Enginer Rebuild... Custom LED Lighting...
A 1940's Truck Light? Seriously?? Complete
Engine Rebuild
LED Lighting
Inside & Out
"The Short Bus" in stainless steel... Custom Porsche Rims... Custom Porsche Brakes w/Wilwood Calipers...
"The Short Bus"
in Stainless
Low Profile Tires
& Porsche Rims
Porsche Brakes On
All Four Corners
A1 Sidewinder Header & A1 Sidewinder Muffler... Custom Sound System... Custom Pin Striping...
A1 Sidewinder
Hi-Performance Exhaust
Massive Tuneage With Custom Sub Enclosure Custom Pin Striping
Inside & Out
Pop-Out & Safari Windows... Auxiliary Red-Top Battery... Painless Digital Power Manager...
Side Pop-Outs
Safari's Front & Rear
Second Red-Top For
Power At Car Shows
Digital Power Manager To Handle Every Power Need
Custom Riveted Sun Visors... Custom Gauges... Custom Rear Bumper...
Custom Riveted
Sun Visors
Custom Gauges,
Gauge Pod & Garmin GPS
Custom Rear Bumper
With LED's & More
Interior Upgrades by Shelby Trim... Custom Window Tint... The Short Bus Visits Kensington Park...
Interior Upgrades
Front to Back
Window Tint
Darker is Better
Kensington Park
Milford, MI
Chrome Headlight Grill's... Custon Silver Split-Window Bus Rings... Fully polished window vents...
Headlight Grills
My Hand Made
VW Bus Ring
Polished Aluminum
Window Vents
Boesch Built Automotive Fabrication... Thew Short Bus Restoration List... Steve's European Automotive...
Boesch Built
Short Bus
Restoration List
European Automotive
Amanda & Derrick's Photos... My Favorite Short Bus Pix... Lauren Gregory Photos...
Amanda & Derrick
My Favorite
Short Bus Pix
Lauren Gregory
Rear Seat Brace... My favorite "Short Bus" 'toons... Short Bus Magnetic 'toon Signs...
Rear Seat Brace
My Favorite
Short Bus 'toons
Short Bus
Magnetic 'toons
The Lingenfelter Collection... Reserved For Something Cool! Short Bus General Rehab...
The Lingenfelter Collection Reserved For
Something Cool!
Short Bus

Volkswagen Stuff
Misc VDub Pictures... Billo's 1962 Lego Volkswagen Van... Misc Shorty Pictures...
VDub Gallery My Lego VW Camper Short Bus Gallery
Misc VDub Videos... 1964 Single Cab Racer... Misc Shorty Videos...
VDub Videos '64 Single Cab Racer Short Bus Videos
VDub Advertisements... VDUB YA VW Manuals...
VDub Adverts VW Short Bus VDub Manuals
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